Public participation process evaluation (journal article)
Tuler, S. and Webler, T. 1995. Process Evaluation for Discursive Decision Making in Environmental and Risk Policy. Human Ecology Review 2(1):62-71.

Publication Abstract

Many important environmental and risk policy issues have become disputatious and difficult to resolve by traditional methods. Regulators and policy analysts have begun to look at tools for collective decision- making and shared problem solving to overcome the limitations of traditional techniques. These tools have been labeled "discursive" because they are based on exchange (and development) of knowledge and values in structured discourse settings. While discursive methods have been implemented in a number of cases, few have been systematically evaluated. Yet, social and institutional learning about the strengths and weaknesses of discursive methods to collective decision-making will depend on our learning about the successes and failures of actual cases. In this article we describe a process evaluation methodology that integrates perspectives of planners, participants, and normative theory at the same time that it pays close attention to the specifics of particular processes.

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